Sun House Vacation
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In line with the development of the domestic & International tourism Industry and in implementation to the sharing program "Time Share", there was established in Lebanon Sun House Vacation Co. s.a.r.l. in 1997.
This Company is engaged in possessing and constructing the touristic complexes for the purpose of marketing and selling them via the policy of Sharing Shares and time "Time Share". It commenced its trip with the Arabic and Lebanese numerous resorts of which the most important is "Doha Hill's". Recently. Sun House Vacation is pleased to offer you its new project "Sun Hill's Hotel & Resort" which is a 'civilized touristical development resort of high universal specifications (Five Stars) existing the best highland on the Lebanese coast along with wonderful typical views where the waves of the sea tease the soft wind of the mountain. The Company has launched its business from its Head Office located in Sin El-Fil area inside the Lebanese Capital Beirut and spread to begin its Arabic trip from Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the State of Qatar then to United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait State, Republic of Sudan and it Is establishing in Oman, Syrian Arab Republic, Lybian Arab ElJamahiryat besides trying to wide over all the Arab territories and involving the whole Arab countries.